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The Future is Now

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Technology Conference - The Future is Now.

UAC: The Union aerospace coporation, is a global megacorporation, based on Mars and i the main supplier of aagent energy. Head of UAC Mars. Samuel Hayden

OCP: Omni Consumer products (OCP) is an American mega-Corporation based in Detroit, that create products for virtually every consumer need among its citizens.

The Tyrell corporation is a high-tech firm, primarily focused on the production of androids, known as Replicants. It's based in Los Angeles and named after it's founder, Bloon Tyrell

Weyland-Yutani corporation is a large British-Japaneese multinational conglomerate. A technology supplier, manufacturing syntethetics, Starships and computers for a wide range of industrial and commercial clients.

2 lags halsrib med elastan // Nakke og skulderbånd // Tear away nakkelabel // Økologisk bomuld

Kvalitet: 100% supercarded økologisk bomuld.140g.


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